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About Swastik farms

Swastik Group has started its journey with seeding production and farming services. It was established in the year 1983. Now the group is serving people in 5 different farming categories such as - Swastik Seeds Corporation, Swastik Seeds Pvt Ltd, Swastik Foods, Swastik Exims and Swastik Farms respectively.

Swastik Group had done a lot of field campaigns to bring awareness about 6+ Nano Technology which has been doing great in the chilli farming and getting a very good response from farmers.

We also provide high-quality vegetable seeds that have high germination and virus resistant property which will help the farmer to get more crop/profit when compared to other seeds. We will try to bring more and more technologies to give the best service to farmers through seeds and improve their income.

We are very happy to announce reformation of Swastik Farms to Swastik Group as it will be helpful in many ways like protecting the environment through the plantation.