Reserved Large Plant Bundle classic fashion


CategoryGarden & Outdoor, Live Plants, Indoor Plants


1-Philodendron Bipennifolium $25
2-THREE Hoya Splash cuttings $9
3-Njoy Pothos cuttings $15
4-Hoya Crimson Princess in painted clay pot with copper heart shaped trellis $25
5-FIVE piece Plant Clipping Bundle Includes:
*Mini Monstera
*Njoy Pothos
*Scindapsus Exotica
*Silvery Ann $25
6-TWO Pearls & Jade Cuttings $10
7-TWO Global Green Pothos $15
8-TWO Scindapsus Pictus cuttings $10
9-THREE Micans cuttings $9
10-FIVE Scindapsus Exotica cuttings $10
11-Monstera Tetrasperma cutting in bottle $15
12-Moonlight Treubii cutting $8
13-THREE Piece Plant Bundle Includes:
14-TWO Lemon Lime Pothos Cuttings
15-Marble Queen 4” pot
16-Philodendron Burle Marx $35
17-Philodendron Prince of Orange $30
18-Philodendron Birkin $15

Total $245

U.S. Construction Spending Inches Higher In March

Abercrombie and Fitch Pants
May. 2, 2022, 10:59 AM

(RTTNews) - A report released by the Commerce Department on Monday showed a modest increase in U.S. construction spending in the month of March.

The Commerce Department said construction spending inched up by 0.1 percent to an annual rate or $1.731 trillion in March after rising by 0.5 percent to a revised rate of $1.729 trillion in March. Economists had expected construction spending to increase by 0.7 percent.

The uptick in total construction spending came as spending on private construction rose by 0.2 percent to an annual rate of $1.380 trillion.

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MonsterArts Singular Point Godzilla,

Spending on educational construction slid by 0.8 percent to a rate of $80.3 billion, while spending on highway construction fell by 0.4 percent to a rate of $103.1 billion.